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Developments at Batsford

Saturday 1 January 2022 to
Wednesday 31 August 2022

We are working on an exciting expansion of our visitor centre!

The existing building - which houses Batsford’s garden shop, The Garden Terrace Café and the arboretum gift shop – is set to be expanded by 420m2 to provide a larger café and garden shop. The work is due to be completed by the end of August 2022.

The extension has been designed by Cheltenham-based John Falconer Associates who designed the existing building in 2010. The building was incorporated into the original Victorian walled garden, which formed part of the original Batsford estate, with part of the wall running through the building. The contemporary design both complements and respects the historic arboretum and the surrounding landscape and boasts several key environmental features, including an extensive use of FSC timber and sheep’s wool insulation in its construction, a ground source heat pump and rainwater harvesting capabilities. The extension will be in-keeping with the same design with the addition of air source heat pumps.

During the building work, the arboretum and garden centre will remain fully open throughout. The Garden Terrace Café will continue to provide a full service until the final 8 weeks of the build, and then will continue with a reduced catering service, and with a temporary outdoor covered seating area, until the new larger café is available.

Besides the extension project, we will be developing a new wildlife lake and reservoir during 2022 which aims to supply water to the plants in the garden and arboretum.

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