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Meet Roger, our very own woodturner who works out of the cabin near the Arboretum exit.

A true craftsman

Cotswolds born and bred, Roger's love of woodturning started as a hobby in the late 1970s when he first had a chance to try his hand at the craft.  It soon became a passion and Roger now spends every spare moment creating beautiful pieces from wood gathered in the arboretum and further afield.

Creating beautiful artworks

Roger makes and sells barometers, thermometers, light pulls, clocks, bowls, kitchenware and more. He says the beauty of woodturning is every piece is different - you start off with one item in mind but the grain of the wood leads you into something completely different.

Visiting Roger

You'll normally find Roger in his shed Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 11.30am-4.30pm, but if you're making a special visit to see him, please call us first on 01386 701441 to check he's here.