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Frequently asked questions

Are dogs allowed in the arboretum?

Dogs are welcome in the arboretum as long as they are on a short lead at all times.  they are also allowed in the main building and the cafe as long as they are well behaved.  Please clean up after your dog and place in any of the litter bins around the site.

Do we allow childrens scooters in the arboretum?

Unfortunately not.  We do not allow childrens scooters in the arboretum , the visitor building or the garden centre.

Are bicycles allowed in the arboretum?

No, there is no cycling allowed in the aboretum, child or adult.  This includes any form of bike, trike or balance bike.

Do we allow picnicing in the arboretum?

I'm afraid not.  We do however, have picnic tables situated at the rear of the building for you to use and you can picnic on any of the grassy areas around the lower car parks.