As part of our aim to reduce our carbon footprint and energy costs, we are installing a 100-metre long solar panel canopy in our upper car park.

The location was estimated as the best spot due to its direct sunlight exposure.

The design consists of a simple steel frame structure with the solar panels sitting on a ‘Y’ pitched canopy designed to allow 120 cars to park underneath. The solar panels will be of a mat finish to help prevent glint and glare on sunny days.

The design is sympathetic and in-keeping with the surroundings, and will be well hidden from view as you approach the car park from our entrance thanks to the existing natural trees. Furthermore, the structure will provide shade to the vehicles parked underneath it.

It is anticipated that the solar panels will save over 13,000kg in CO2 each year – equivalent to the absorption by 606 trees – and will reduce Batsford’s annual energy costs by over 40%.

Our upper car park is currently closed until early 2024 whilst we install the solar panel canopy. Electric vehicles will be able to access our charging points only from mid-December, however please keep an eye out for a further update on this.