As we transition from winter to spring, our Head Gardener points out what to anticipate in the weeks ahead…

Mid-February to early March

Just as you enter the Arboretum along ‘Her Ladyships Walk,’ you will be greeted by an array of colourful flowers, including Hellebores, Cyclamen, hyacinths, and the large sweetly scented flowers of Daphne odora x bholua ‘Perfume Princess.

There will be an increase in flowering daffodils across the whole Arboretum this year, bright yellow ‘Tamara’ and the small delicate Lent lilly flowers (Narcissus lobularis). You can also enjoy an increase of flowering crocus en masse in a range of colours from pink, purple, yellow and orange.

Early flowering cherries will be in flower; Prunus simonii the apricot plum (white blossom) and the lovely pinks flowers of Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’.

Keep an eye out for Magnolia’s – the buds are swelling and you may catch the early flowers of Magnolia campbellii!